Salvinos J R Models Builders Club is an opportunity for our builders and fans to make an actual impact on this company, our dealers, and the stock car modeling hobby in general!

First off, there is no membership fee, but there is a 12-month commitment to purchase 1 Builders Club kit per month directly from Salvinos J R Models. Pretty simple, right you buy a model at full retail and it is shipped to you with some extra stuff; but what’s the catch? There isn’t one, in fact we understand times change and If you encounter financial issues and cannot continue, contact us and we will remove your obligation from the list.

So why should you join? As a member of our Builders Club, your participation will help us to make new molds which will help to grow our company, benefit local stores with new products, fill your shelves with your beautiful racing history art, and continue to revive the stock car modeling hobby with years of new kits!

Eventually, we will be producing other racing types, and members will have the option to pick either kit for their monthly delivery, but Salvinos J R Models primary focus will always be stock cars, and we will produce 12 stock car kits per year.

Salvinos J R Models Builders Club

  • 1 year commitment to receive 1 kit per month directly from Salvinos J R Models using payment card on file
  • $39.95 (or current retail price) plus standard shipping for domestic members
  • $39.95 (or current retail price) plus the cost of shipping for Canadian members
  • When Club reaches 200 members: Members will vote to pick 1 new car design per year which we will design and produce
  • When Club reaches 500 members: 2 cars per year
  • When Club reaches 1000 members: 4 cars per year
  • Members’ kits will always be the newest release and will always be the first shipped!
  • Members’ have access to a private Builders Club Facebook page that offers Club updates as well as an exclusive meeting place for members and Wednesday evening Facebook live video club meetings with the designer for discussions and giveaways
  • Included in Builders Club shipments will be exclusive extras for members! These extras include an additional set of decals for that kit, another random set of decals, plus club exclusive stickers, etc.
  • additional kits purchased by phone only will also include an extra sheet of decals!

**Refer 5 friends to the Builders Club and we will ship you a Salvinos J R Models kit at NO CHARGE!!**









By sending attached information to you commit to buying 1 kit/month for 1 year

If you have trouble sending information, would like to give information over phone, or have questions about Builders Club, please feel free to reach out to us at: 877-244-4306 ext. 1 or 3

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